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Some of the more common
questions I get asked
Will I need to purchase a guitar for my lessons?

Not to start with, however you will need something to practice on when you are not taking lessons.

What sort of Guitar should I purchase?

I would recommend that if you are just starting out a good “Starter Pack” will suffice, personally I would go for a Squire starter pack, or another well known brand of guitar makers. I will of course advise you upon this during your first few lessons.

Can you teach me songs from my favourite artists?

Yes, but we will need to learn all the basics of guitar playing first!

Are you CRB checked?

Yes. I can supply evidence, if required, when you attend your first lesson.

How much do you charge for lessons?

I currently charge £25.00 per hour, and £13.00 for a half hour lesson.

What is a Capo?

A capo is a mechanical device that places a barre across the strings which has the effect of shortening the guitar's scale and thus raising its pitch For example, putting a capo on the 2nd fret raises all open chords a whole tone. The result is that an open "G" now sounds like (and actually is) an "A" chord. A "D" becomes an "E." This method of playing will be covered during your teaching.

What does NOS mean?

N.O.S. stands for New Old Stock, and refers to ANY product that is in it's original, and unused packaged condition.

What the heck is a G/B chord?

This is a G chord with a extra B note added or lowest sounding note of the chord. The way that you pronounce this chord is either "G slash B " or "G with a B in the bass" or G over B. I will explain and demonstrate this type of chord in more detail as your lessons progress.

What is “the Rolling Technique”?

This is a technique which involves using the same finger in the same fret, but on two different strings. This is an area we will look at as your lessons progress.