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As a guitar teacher it is my priority to ensure you progress and learn through a structured and individually tailored course of work. Developing your own musical interests (and discovering new ones along the way). Most of all, you will learn at your own pace!

I strongly believe that lessons should be fun as well as progressive To this day, mankind has found no better way to learn the guitar, than by getting someone to show us how to do it. Most of the world’s greatest guitarists learnt their skills by watching others.

My aim is to offer lessons which provide a safe, enjoyable and encouraging atmosphere where my students are allowed to develop their skills and talents in their own time.

I am a Member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) and teach on a 1:1 basis. Lessons are given in a specially adapted music room, in my own home, which contains all the necessary equipment required to make you into a competent guitarist. I provide backing tracks, to aid in your learning, and a 64 digital track recording facility. I normally teach Monday to Fridays, but I will arrange my days and times to suit your needs. All of my lessons are tailored especially for each student’s personal requirements and abilities.

By the end of my guitar lessons, you will have learnt: the names of the parts of the guitar, the names of the open strings, the process of tuning the guitar, how to hold and use a pick, how to play chromatic scales, and how to play songs using all the major and minor chords. As the weeks progress you’ll learn how to read music, (TAB and Notation), plus strumming patterns, and more songs. Once you are confident with the basics, we will start a little further up the neck of the guitar. You’ll learn new types of chords and the names of the notes on all the strings etc, etc.

My lessons are also accompanied with a hand out for the areas we have covered during that lesson. They will contain full and easy to follow instructions and diagrams, where necessary, to aid in your practicing until the next lesson. My handouts will build up week by week to form your own comprehensive book on guitar playing - tailored just for you. Each lesson will last approximately 1hr. Half hour lessons are available for younger students.
Beth first came to me for lessons in January - having got a guitar for her birthday, and did not know how to play it! But ...
... 14 months on, Beth was performing at her first gig with her own band!
Typical student progress